Welcome to Edu Swim, Swim School. Please note: This enrolment form and the contract, terms and conditions of membership must be read in their entirety. All sections of this enrolment must be completed. You will be bound by the terms and conditions in this enrolment and contract submission.

Swimming contract of enrolment between EDU Swim School/Alicia Smit And the pupil of their parent/gaurdian. 

I/We hereby agree to pay all fees due to Edu Swim School on time and up to date.

I/We hereby certify that the details as set put herein are both true and correct and confirm that I/We have read and understand the terms and conditions contained herein, and agree to be bound hereby.


Rules and Regulations

1. No cash accepted. Internet payments are welcome to be made to: FNB Branch code: Reference: Family code given by the swim school

2. Fees are payable in advance, BEFORE the first lesson of every month. Fees paid after the 7th will be charged R50 per week for every week your fees remain in arrears.

3. The parent/guardian agrees to pay all charges including legal fees which may arise in the event that legal or other action being taken by Edu Swim School to recover any fees or amount due, including, but not restricted to, collection commission, whether action is commenced or not. As set out in the document, are automatically accepted by parent/guardian.

4. Once a single payment has been made it is accepted that the terms and conditions of the Edu Swim School

5. TERMANATING LESSONS: Membership shall continue for an indefinite period subject to ONE TERM’s written notice. All notices must be in writing and emailed to alicia.smit@icloud.com, no later than the end of the first week of a new term.

6. Classes are given throughout the year and are NOT closed during school holidays. The swimming school will be closed on public holidays.

7. Swimmers must attend lessons equipped with a suitable swimming costume, no bikinis and baggy shorts are permitted. Swimmers must supply their own towel. Swimming caps must be worn at all times, swimmer not wearing a cap will be issued one, the cost of which will be added onto the end of the month statement.

8. Lessons missed, cancelled or not attended will not be caught up.. Those lessons missed due to public holidays will not be caught up.

9. Your children may not run around the pool area nor enter without permission from the instructress.

10. Swimmers must blow their nose and go to the toilet before starting the lesson.

11. Should your child misbehave and disrupt a class he/she will be given a warning, should he/she persist with such behavior, he/she will be requested to leave the class.

12. Edu Swim School will not be liable for the loss or misplacement of articles belonging to the swimmer or any person entering the premises of 837 Baccara Street, Montana.


I hereby wave any claim which I may at any time have against either Edu Swim School, Alicia Smit of Baccara Street 837, Montana, and or any instructor or any person in control thereof or in charge thereof shall be liable in any manner whatsoever for any damage, loss of life, bodily injury or damage to, or loss of property, whatsoever nature from whatsoever cause, whether caused by negligence of the teacher/s and/or instructors and or employee or any person acting on their behalf, which may be caused or arise from the above lessons or from any other tuition/sporting activity/transportation offered or taught by the instructors/drivers or a result of being on or entering the premises of 837 Baccara Street, Montana, and I hereby indemnify and shall keep indemnified the instructors/drivers against any and all claims by any person arising out of the cause whatsoever arising out of the above mentioned lessons and/or tuition and/or transportation and/or sporting activities or by virtue of being present at 837 Baccara Street, Montana.

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Upon signature of this agreement and disclaimers on the enrolment form, the parties agree that they have read the contents of this agreement and that they understand it, and that they are legally and irrevocably bound to all the terms and conditions as set out in the Terms and Conditions annexure.I fully understand that the activities and exercises of the swimming programme require vigorous physical activity, hereby represent and confirm that I/the aforementioned minor child/ren’s physical condition and health permits me/him/her/them to fully participate in the swimming activities and exercises without undue risk to my/his/her/their wellbeing. Should I/my child/ren feel unwell shortly before the lesson, I undertake full responsibility of immediately withdrawing myself/him/her/them from participation in the lesson.

I acknowledge on behalf of myself/the aforementioned minor child/ren of the potential danger incidental to engaging in swimming activities, which include, but are not limited to, bodily injuries, health disorder and even possible death. I, in my personal capacity as parent/guardian for the minor child/ren/myself hereby accept those risks.
I/the aforementioned minor child/ren is voluntary participating in this program. I/the minor child/ren will not be accepted for participation in the program if the swimming instructor knows of any reason why my/his/her/their participation would be dangerous to my/his/her/their health.

I understand that Edu-Swim may take my child to a swimming activity, travelling by motor vehicle. I request, and consent to the aforementioned minor child/ren being transported by Edu-Swim to and from the swimming venue/s by a Edu-Swim representative/employee, which representative/employee will be in possession of a valid driver’s license.
I authorize the swimming instructor to obtain or perform any emergency medical assistance which they deem necessary, in the event of an accident, and I agree to be responsible for all necessary and reasonable medical expenses incurred in this regard.

I, in my personal capacity or in my capacity as parent/guardian of the minor child/ren and my or our executors, my or our heirs, my or our assigns and successors entitle, hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Edu-Swim and or any of their representatives and/or employees and/or insurers, from any claims, demands, liability, loss or damage from any cause, which I/the minor child/ren should/may suffer as a result of my/the minor child/ren’s participation in the swimming program.
I further understand and agree that my child/ren must always be supervised whenever near or in the water. I understand and agree that these lessons do not imply or make any guarantee of water safety for my infant/child/ren and that a responsible adult shall always supervise my child/ren.
I confirm that I am fully aware of the legal consequences of signing this document and declare that I am duly authorised to enter into this agreement on my/the said minor’s behalf.

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